Narvar expands into pre-purchase

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Narvar expands into pre-purchase

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Magical Moments
2019 Report

How do you compare? Our latest benchmark study, compiled
from over 7B+ interactions and 650+ retailers, shows 6 magical moments where you can build a stronger emotional connection across your customer’s shopping journey — and examples of brands that do this best.

Key Findings

Consumers return
high value items faster.


Orders valued at over $500 are returned
fastest overall.

Delivery times
have gotten longer.


Number of packages delivered within
2 days dropped 9% in the US.

Consumers desire timely information – even when there’s a problem.


Delayed package emails have a
63% open rate.

Retailer benchmarks for the shopping journey

Get a detailed look at trends and best-in-class retailer examples of how they engage with consumers at critical points in their shopping journey — from the moment a shopper adds an item to their cart until after they receive
their shipment.

In this report we’ll cover:

  • Performance benchmarks and industry trends along the customer journey by country and category.
  • Best-in-class examples from live retailers to match each of the six magical moments.
  • Actionable steps and recommendations to help you immediately improve your customer experience.

This report analyzes more than 7 billion interactions worldwide and 650+ retailers’ customer purchasing journeys, identifying the touchpoints and brands that are successfully building emotional connections with customers.

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Magical Moments

The moment a customer decides to add a product to your cart

What type of information do shoppers need to make a decision to buy?

The moment before
clicking Buy…or
abandoning the basket

What can deter shoppers to not click buy?

The moment after
purchase when delivery anticipation begins

How can brands & retailers continue
to build relationships after a shopper has made a purchase?

The moment the delivery arrives…or is delayed
or missing

How can brands & retailers remove friction when shipments don’t go as planned?

The moment a customer decides to initiate a return
or exchange

What do shoppers demand when it
comes to returns?

The moment the
customer decides to
make another purchase

How can brands & retailers turn
one-time customers into loyal advocates?

Our loyal customers continue to engage with GameStop through branded SMS, personalized merchandising and marketing…keeping customers within the GameStop experience.

Bill Graham

Director of Multichannel at GameStop