Narvar Notify

for all the moments
that matter

Drive repeat customers by building trust and rapport through proactive communications every step of the way.

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Delightful consumer journeys
beyond the ‘buy’ button

Delightful consumer journeys beyond the 'buy' button

Leverage key moments to build trust

Build customer loyalty. Whether a shipment is delivered or delayed—use proactive messaging to build customer trust.

Meet consumers where they are

Reach consumers right where they are. Communicate across multiple channels like Email, SMS, WhatsApp and Line.

Design bespoke experiences

Configure custom branded messages based on unique triggers specific to your brand's customer journey.

Leave the orchestration to us

Narvar integrates with 300+ carriers and 50+ eCommerce and Order Management Systems — so you can focus on delighting consumers

40+ purpose built messages
for engaging experiences across the retail journey.

Shipment Updates

On Its Way
Delivery Anticipation
Carrier Delay
Missed Delivery

Account Updates

Password Reset
Account Update
Communication Preferences
New Account Creation
Cart Order Reminder

Return Updates

Return Initiated
Return On Its Way
Return Delivered
Refund Approved
Refund Sent

Order Updates

Order Confirmation
Fulfillment Delay
Label Generated
Carrier Pickup Delay

Keep consumers
coming back for more

Build trust and engagement by proactive, branded messages at all the moments that matter.

Turn delays into moments that build trust

Consumers want to know immediately when something goes wrong. Stay ahead of customer frustration with proactive, timely order updates.

Contact consumers on
their terms

Consumers manage their notification preference to stay up to date through their favorite channels – whether that’s Email, SMS, Whatsapp or Line.

Let them shop while
they wait

Embed special offers, product recommendations, and other assets to create an experience that  drives additional sales.

Don't stall on refund

Great return experiences create long-term customers. Build loyalty with real-time refund notifications.


83% of shoppers say they expect regular communication about their packages.

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98% of consumers agree that even if it’s bad news, they feel better about a company if they're notified as soon as possible.

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Craft personalized, highly engaging consumer journeys

Use pre-built, retail ready messages or create your own. Get blown away with the results!

Select the moments
that matter

Deliver all transactional order, shipment, or account updates using 40+ prebuilt messages or create your own unique touchpoints.

Use best practice retail messaging templates

Engage consumers with best-in-retail messaging templates. Beat the industry with 3x average open-rates and 40x conversion rates.

Easily craft new
branded messages

Leverage the email-editor to create beautifully branded emails with a selection of modules that let you optimize for additional revenue or deliver critical support information.

Design bespoke and contextual consumer journeys

Use the self-serve track page editor to build unique experiences with complete brand control and flexibility.