Webinar: Retain Customers After Holiday

Webinar: Retain Customers After Holiday

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Inspire Loyalty Beyond Reason.

Narvar helps retailers champion
their customers at every step of the journey.

A platform designed from the ground up to drive long-term customer loyalty.
Deliver post-purchase experiences that retain, engage, and delight customers — from cart to doorstep, and beyond.


Turn shoppers into happy customers through clear expectations, personalized convenience, and relevant delivery options.

  • Increase customer visibility and confidence
  • Maximize convenience by offering the right choices


Keep them coming back with branded experiences and keep channels open for communication on their terms.

  • Deliver authentic experiences at every touchpoint
  • Build trust through relevant and proactive communication


Treat your customers with empathy. Combine a human touch with smart experiences that address their evolving needs.

  • Enable seamless returns and exchanges through convenience and choice
  • Help your customers help themselves through smart self-service options


Get insight at scale. Machine learning applied to 3 billion interactions helps you understand trends and optimize your experience.

  • Understand your customer – from preferences, to purchase history and feedback
  • Monitor trends, and optimize based on real-time performance and predictions

Trusted by the retail industry’s best. Over 450 and counting.

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With Narvar, our loyal customers can continue to engage with GameStop through branded SMS, personalized merchandising and marketing content.

Bill Graham, Director, Multi-Channel Integration,

Narvar helps make purchases easier for our customers. It helps us be more transparent and lets our customers really get to know and trust us. And that keeps them coming back.

Danielle Quatrochi, SVP of Customer Experience and Innovation, Finish Line

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