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Create loyal customers with engaging post-purchase order tracking, messaging and returns experiences. 

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Find out how Narvar impacted retail in a challenging year, and landed on Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies list for 2021.

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Get up and running on Narvar Return with our turnkey Shopify solution. Reduce costs and recapture revenue for your busiest returns season.

Narvar helps retailers champion their customers at every step of the journey.

A platform designed from the ground up to drive long-term customer loyalty. Pre-purchase delivery prediction, branded package tracking, seamless returns and exchanges, in-store experiences, and beyond.

Consumer Experience

Channel-agnostic solutions that connect digital and physical commerce to create a truly seamless customer experience.

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Intelligence-driven Insights

Intelligence-driven insights and actionable benchmarks that drive customer engagement and business ROI.

Enterprise-grade Platform

Robust and extensible enterprise-grade platform that leads the industry ecosystem and grows with your business.

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“Brands hope adding more return and pickup locations will boost sales by offering convenience and reduce the cost of shipping. ‘It’s allowing [customers] to return our products at points they pass everyday.’’
Marc Rosen, Levi’s President of Direct-to-Consumer
Essential Retail
“People just expect more transparency and a better experience around delivery.” He says not only is it about improving the experience but “if we don’t do it, we lose customers… you have to run that extra mile these days, especially in the digital world."
Rick Hoving, eCommerce manager for ASICS EMEA

Now in 7 countries on 4 continents

To serve our global retailers we have offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area.