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Post-purchase Benchmark

Post-purchase Benchmark

Narvar powers end-to-end post-purchase experiences for brands and retailers across the globe. This report distills key insights from over 2 billion data points, so retailers can better understand consumer behavior after purchase.

A sneak peek inside the report:

  • Customers demand 
transparency after they buy. During this anticipation window, consumers want to be in the loop. After they buy, SMS opt-in rate is 5.5x higher than before they buy, and CSAT jumps 18% higher with these proactive notifications.
  • Customers are ready to engage during post-purchase. E-commerce marketers invest significant resources in acquiring customers. Post-purchase is a prime-time to drive repeat purchases with 3x higher Marketing CTR than standard marketing emails.

The data behind the benchmark

  • 2 billion interactions in 2016
  • 306 retailers & brands included
  • 13 merchandise categories

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