Why It’s a Great Time (For Me) to Join Narvar

My passion for retail started when I got my first job at “the mall” at the age of 15. My mall was walking distance from my high school and working at “the mall” became a rite of passage for many of us. I worked at stores like Hallmark, The Nature Company, Papyrus, and Banana Republic. I loved the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season, going above and beyond to help customers find the perfect gift. It felt so rewarding to help customers on their shopping journey, and years later I continue to focus my professional career on how we can delight customers.

It all starts with the customer

That passion has driven me over the last 10+ years in the retail industry helping customers in both a B2C and B2B2C model at Williams-Sonoma,, and Google. I’ve designed and built out complex supply chains to get products to the customer faster and cheaper. These include international logistics and omnichannel supply chains, revamping distribution center strategy and leveraging store footprints. I’ve led teams who have partnered and integrated with retailers globally to power online ads and marketplace products. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of companies and teams who have always innovated and pushed for new ways of serving the customers better as the industry rapidly evolved over the years. That journey continues as I join Narvar in delivering the optimal post-purchase experience as VP of Operations.

2020, the ecommerce time machine

The shopping journey has changed a lot over the years, but nothing compares to what’s been happening in 2020. The growth in ecommerce has accelerated by 5 years in just 6 months as consumers moved their lives online. Experiences that I’ve been a part of piloting and testing over the years at various retailers — like ship-from-store and grocery delivery — have gone from nice-to-have experiences that big retailers provide, to must-have experiences that my local specialty Japanese grocery store is finding a way to do. The customer’s needs have dramatically changed in a COVID world and it’s exciting to see how much opportunity there is to help them on this new journey. 

Having known Amit over the years, I’ve always been drawn to Narvar’s mission: to simplify the everyday lives of consumers. Today, the company’s vision of helping retailers convert one-time customers into lifelong advocates resonates even more. Shoppers are buying online more than ever and expectations are high. The Narvar experience with clear delivery dates, consistent messaging, and easy returns is what I, as a shopper, expect and need, especially in my extra-busy life these days juggling work and distance learning for my second-grader. Narvar is well positioned to help retailers and customers during this time. The company’s resilience and strong performance over the last 6 months really impressed me and is a testament to the value it brings to both customers and retailers.

I must admit that besides being customer obsessed, I am also a self-proclaimed data geek — time permitting. I love writing SQL queries to gain consumer insights. I was really excited to learn that the Narvar technology platform enables over 6 billion customer touchpoints on an annual basis. The company has leveraged its data to provide valuable insights to both customers and retailers during recent times. I am looking forward to digging in and configuring databases! 

The journey ahead

We are still in unprecedented times and the retail industry will continue to rapidly morph as customer behaviors change with the times. As VP of Operations, my focus is to ensure we’re partnering closely with our retailers on this extraordinary journey so that their post-purchase experience with Narvar is as magical as the post-purchase experience we deliver to their shoppers. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with the amazing Narvar team and excited to continue delivering on innovative experiences in the industry.

Doris Lau

Doris is VP of Operations at Narvar. She has over 20 years of experience driving innovative operational excellence at companies like Google, Walmart, and Williams-Sonoma.

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