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Optimizing Delivery Journey Engagement with Narvar Track

Track is a multi-faceted tool in any retailer’s post-purchase arsenal. 

It can help reduce WISMO, drive engagement, boost customer satisfaction, increase revenue — and with the right approach, the impact on these metrics can be tenfold. With our new, upgraded version of Track, you now have the ability to customize and configure the Track page based on shipment-status. 

On average, a customer will visit a track page four times throughout their delivery journey. Maximize these moments and align customer sentiment with impactful Track experiences by using the following strategies. 

Engage during picking, packing, and getting ready to ship.
Consumers crave knowledge about their orders. When fulfillment times lengthen or delays occur customer satisfaction decreases while amping up calls to your call center. 

Keep customers even further in the know by extending your status updates prior to the package leaving the warehouse with pre-shipment statuses. Customize the copy in your status to reflect a variety of scenarios, like “Working on it,” or “Customizing your order,” while maintaining a seamless extension of your brand through tone and voice.

It’s on its way. 

An in transit package creates ample opportunity to engage with your customers while also opening up plenty of opportunity for the delivery journey to go awry. Keep customers armed with information every step of the way to ease delivery anxiety and reduce WISMO by:

  • Keeping the EDD panel prominent to surface relevant delivery information to the top
  • Placing the opt-in panel at the top of the layout to encourage opt-ins

Putting the opt-in panel at the top of the layout encourages customers to opt-in to receive SMS, WhatsApp, or email communication about the status of their package. A more informed customer leads to a stronger CSAT, reduction in WISMO, and an overall better customer experience. 

Speak to exceptions by turning disappointment into delight.
Don’t let delays or exceptions derail the customer experience. Speak to them directly by calling out the delay and offering a make-good to your customers — whether that be a coupon code, free shipping on their next purchase, or just a plain old apology asset works too.

Make sure to surface this as close to the top as possible to capture your customer’s attention. 

It’s been delivered! Now what?
Just because a shipment has been delivered doesn’t mean customer engagement needs to end. Use this as an opportunity to collect grassroots feedback from your customers about their delivery experience, prompting them with the feedback module at the top of the page to gain real-time insights.

Or, take the time to link to a product review.

Use the data to make informed decisions around your customer's delivery journey to improve their overall post-purchase experience with your brand.

We hope these tips help you focus on driving the needle of your post-purchase program, one package at a time. 



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