The Narvar Carrier Partner Advantage

It has never been easy being a logistics provider and I’ve got the (mental, emotional, even a couple of physical) scars to prove it. Costs seem to always be going up while pricing is heading the opposite direction with equal speed. Regulations change as regularly as the election cycle. No one quite knows exactly what the labor board is going to come up with next. The competition is either getting bigger or exploding out of nowhere, and every time you open a paper there is some new way to get a package from point A to point B that’s the new ‘best’ thing since sliced bread.Add to all this the growing complexity in information flow. When did you last use an ink pen and sign a piece of paper to accept a delivery? Every piece of information these days is digitized and the data flow for Mrs. Smith’s new shoes looks like a map of the interstate highway system. Immediate access to order status throughout the supply chain is simply a cost of doing business, and end consumers are demanding the ability to see and communicate through an increasingly complex set of devices and platforms.This is where Narvar comes in. We’ve made it our mission to simplify the everyday lives of consumers across the increasingly broad post-purchase experience. That’s a pretty ambitious goal, especially considering all the complexity in the system. But we are in an increasingly consumer-driven world and the retailers and delivery providers that meticulously plan, efficiently execute, and wholeheartedly embrace that reality will be the ones left standing.So that leaves us with the question: how does Narvar do this in such a way that all three parties to a delivery experience—consumer, retailer, and carrier—benefit?Well the benefits of the Narvar platform are manifold and, once understood, are obvious to the retailer and consumer. We create a unique and lasting customer experience that does simplify the consumer’s life while empowering retailers to champion their customers at every step of the journey. But what about the carriers? We’ve made it our mission from the founding of the company to understand the dynamics of our carrier partners’ business, recognizing that we are mutually dependent in the value we provide.

The retailers and delivery providers that meticulously plan, efficiently execute, and wholeheartedly embrace that reality will be the ones left standing.

So how do carriers benefit from this joint partnership?

Ensure the good work gets seen.

Our partners work hard to execute day in and day out. With Narvar-enabled functionality, our mutual clients ensure the customer gets to see the results of that effort by receiving the information they need in the manner and the time they need to.

Help drive those costs down.

Margins are tough in the delivery business. We provide a range of visibility, communication and self-help tools to allow our clients and end consumers to understand and resolve issues before they hit our carrier partners customer service organizations.

Drive that revenue number up.

Everyone wants to grow. Narvar-enabled clients are at the forefront of the explosion in ecommerce. By helping them expand, we are driving the growth in ecommerce leading to the equally substantive growth in delivery activity across the transportation ecosystem.

Make sure that unique service capability is appreciated.

You’ve invested time and money to develop competitive advantages. Narvar’s provider-neutral approach means we work hard with our partners to enable those branded service offerings within our platform. We ensure the services our partners have built are part of what our mutual clients and their customers can enjoy.Delivery logistics and the companies that actually make ecommerce happen are not commodities. Our carrier partners and the people that work within them pour blood and treasure into their organizations to keep the wheels of commerce greased and running. They innovate, adapt and endure. Narvar understands that, and we are passionately committed to their success just as we are our clients.This post was originally published on LinkedIn.

Amit Sharma

Amit is the mastermind behind Narvar and its CEO, drawing from 18 years of experience shaping business operations at companies like Apple and Walmart.

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