How PrettyLittleThing Increased Loyalty

PrettyLittleThing publicly announced its partnership with Narvar this week, sharing that it has seen greater customer loyalty since adopting the post-purchase platform. The retailer's work with Narvar comes as part of a wider focus on building customer lifetime value through improving the post-purchase experience.The results of the collaboration are impressive:

  • PrettyLittleThing customers’ time to next purchase accelerated by 57%
  • Overall post-purchase experience rated by PrettyLittleThing customers up by 30%
  • 44% marketing engagement rate on Narvar-powered delivery updates

PrettyLittleThing’s collaboration with Narvar has centered on post-purchase communications. Before working with Narvar, PrettyLittleThing directed customers to third-party websites for delivery updates.

These communications were unbranded and purely functional, meaning they did little to engage or delight customers who had just purchased. What’s more, passing delivery communication responsibilities on to external carriers meant the experience customers received after the "buy" button was out of PrettyLittleThing’s control.

PLT TRacking

Now, customers receive proactive, convenient, engaging, and branded delivery and tracking messages via the communications channel of their choice.

PrettyLittleThing's efforts have already resulted in tangible gains in both customer satisfaction and brand loyalty: Customers rate their overall post-purchase experience over 30% higher and the average time to next purchase accelerated by 57%.

The retailer also has enjoyed greater engagement from customers who have made a purchase.

Branded delivery communications have brought customers back to the retailer’s website, boosting site visits, which previously would have gone to external carriers’ sites.

A key element of this has been the fully branded, personalized tracking dashboard, which Narvar has helped us execute. Making sure our customers stay engaged after they have bought is fundamental to increasing their lifetime value. We know it works. The results of the investments we have made in the post-purchase experience speak for themselves. —Nicki Capstick, Head of Marketing at PrettyLittleThing

The retailer also enjoyed a 44.3% marketing engagement rate versus an industry benchmark of 14%.

This incremental brand engagement and the resulting additional revenues were key to PrettyLittleThing seeing a massive 24x return on investment in just five months since working with Narvar.

With its core audience in the 16–24 age bracket, PrettyLittleThing also realized it needed to expand the number of channels to meet the experience expectations of increasingly mobile-first customers.

PrettyLittleThing now offers SMS delivery notifications and has seen high opt-in rates. The retailer is also considering using chatbots and Facebook Messenger, also available through Narvar.

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