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Narvar + Zendesk—An Expanded Partnership

Bottom-lines are fragile. Order incidents are inevitable. Customer stakes are higher than ever. 

For those reasons, being able to deliver exceptional customer service is a clear competitive advantage in a congested landscape. 

Equipping your agents with the tools they need to be successful is paramount in leaving a positive (and lasting) impression on customers. 

Narvar’s expanded partnership with Zendesk allows retailers like you to streamline agent workflows and decrease handling times, leaving customers “WOW-ed” and boosting their lifetime value to your business.

Here is what’s new…

Streamline internal workflows

Zendesk’s recent CX Trends 2022 report found only 29% of agents today have “everything at their fingertips to solve customer queries.” When it comes to order-related issues, agents toggle between three, four, and sometimes five different information silos to answer questions like: 

  • Who is the customer? 
  • What was shipped? 
  • When is it expected to arrive? 

Efforts to optimize internal operations often take a backseat to more exciting customer-facing initiatives. However, higher customer expectations are hard to meet without streamlined backend agent workflows. That means it’s critical for workflow information to be consolidated in one place.

The expanded partnership between Narvar and Zendesk means you can solve order issues (e.g., surfacing relevant customer, order, shipment, and carrier details) in one joint view within Zendesk. That means your agents can focus on what matters (delivering an exceptional customer experience) instead of wasting time, money, and energy navigating through a myriad of internal systems.

Decrease handling time and expedite order resolution 

“Work smarter, not harder” reigns supreme in any organization. 

For customer service groups that means answering the question, how can…

  • Average resolution time be lowered
  • Handling time decreased
  • Customer satisfaction boosted

…in less time with less waste?

Equipping your teams and customers with the right tools in the right places consolidates effort and moves the needle on metrics that matter. 

Your agents can now handle and resolve tickets with speed and accuracy through Narvar’s Zendesk integration.

That means no additional tabs to open, systems to check, or screens to jump back and forth to. 

The partnership operationalizes efficiencies by:

Reducing order resolution time by surfacing relevant shipment and order-related information directly in Zendesk.

  • Decreasing handling time by appending order and shipment details directly to tickets
  • Enabling real-time resolution through live chat directly on the Narvar Track page.
  • Highlighting lower-cost support channels like knowledge base and FAQ articles for customers to resolve issues on their own.

Increase LTV from moments that matter

According to PWC, one in three consumers will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. Every supply chain hiccup or backend inefficiency doesn’t just leave employees scrambling—customers are impacted, too. 

When the inevitable happens, it’s paramount for retailers to eliminate as much friction as possible. Doing so creates a positive experience for customers and increases their willingness to purchase again down the road (leading to higher lifetime value). 

In sum…

Order incidents are inevitable and customers are finite. 

With that in mind, it’s imperative that you streamline your workflows and improve your agent experience if you want to keep your customers happy and grow your bottom-line.

To learn more about the recently expanded partnership between Narvar and Zendesk, reach out to your customer success manager or—if you’re not currently a Narvar customer—request a free demo of our platform today

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