Introducing Narvar Alerts: Customers Deserve to Know

A good post-purchase experience requires authentic communication with customers about details of their package, between the time they place their order to when it’s delivered to them. It’s a period of high anticipation as well as potential anxiety. To keep consumers informed, we provide proactive notifications of three key events: delivery confirmation, delivery attempts and delivery delays.

Narvar proactive package tracking emails

1. Your Items Have Arrived!

Package delivery is the most exciting part of the post-purchase experience. Imagine a customer in between her daily chores, at the office or running errands. A delivery notification pops up on her phone, letting her know the beautiful wool blend parka she ordered from Nordstrom has arrived. This is the payoff for the trust she placed in the retailer when she made the purchase, and is a perfect opportunity for the retailer to be a herald of good news, as well as to continue to build the relationship. Engagement with such transactional emails is off the charts, commonly getting 4x the open rate and 3x the click through rate of non-transactional emails.

2. Sorry We Missed You!

Carriers often need someone to sign for a package. We’ve all had those disappointing moments when there is nobody to receive it, and often don’t find out until arriving home to a tag on the door. Narvar identifies those situations and notifies the customer before a subsequent attempt, so they don't miss it again. Alternately, they can redirect a package to be held at a carrier location for pickup. Reducing missed deliveries also reduces the chance of undeliverable packages being shipped back to the retailer.

3. Running A Bit Behind

Logistics is, by definition, a complex process. From picking and packing, to handover to the carrier, to when it arrives in the customer’s hands, things can go wrong. And then there is that snow storm. Packages get delayed. It takes many positive experiences to establish trust with a brand. However, a single negative experience can create a dent in that relationship. With Narvar’s alerts, retailers can turn such experiences into positive ones by notifying the customer beforehand so they know what to expect. This also reduces customer support touch points and saves time on both sides.Customers deserve to know what’s going on with their orders. And they will appreciate that you keep them informed, even though the situation may be out of your control.

Interested in adding alerts to your tracking experience? Contact your Narvar rep, or request a demo.

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