Narvar acquires Lumi

Narvar Acquires Lumi to Expand Its Services

The acquisition will also drive transparency and better decisioning across the supply chain, enabling brands to deliver optimized customer experiences, online and off.

SAN FRANCISCO, December 15, 2021 -- Narvar, the post-purchase pioneer, announced today it has acquired Lumi, the world’s first and leading marketplace of packaging and print products. The acquisition solidifies Narvar as the customer experience leader, from pixel to package. Over 1100 of the world's leading brands, including Levi's, GAP and Lululemon, use Narvar to improve the customer experience — from anticipating and tracking deliveries to managing and automating returns — and build loyalty after shoppers click 'buy.'

Lumi helps more than 700 leading direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, including Parachute Home, Nutrafol, and Misfits Market, make smarter packaging decisions. Together with Lumi, Narvar will revolutionize packaging as the new storefront, enabling retailers to enhance their post-purchase brand experience with a more efficient and sustainable supply chain. 

“From its inception, Narvar has empowered brands to deliver world-class customer experiences with our expertise in digital commerce and supply chain management. With Lumi, we elevate our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to the complex nature of D2C packaging,” said Amit Sharma, Founder & CEO of Narvar. "We’ll now be able to help digital retailers personalize the very first physical interaction with customers all in one scalable platform.”

The world's leading packaging manufacturers use Lumi to make their capabilities available online, directly to brands. Using Lumi's data-driven tools, brands are able to quickly find the right factories and communicate with them more easily than ever before. At every step from quoting to delivery, Lumi provides visibility and insights that help brands make better decisions.

"Lumi is joining forces with Narvar as ecommerce packaging hits the mainstream consciousness," said Jesse Genet, CEO and Co-founder of Lumi. "Packaging is no longer just simply what gets products from point A to point B, but a pivotal part of each brand's experience for its customers. Packaging isn’t just on a shelf anymore, it’s on our doorsteps, it's in our homes. And the options for brands to optimize their packaging are rapidly increasing and yet often hard to implement.”

This acquisition comes amidst record growth in ecommerce — holiday sales are expected to break $207 billion this year — and as brands face unprecedented pressure to operate more efficient and sustainable supply chains. Over the last year, Narvar has seen significant growth and added marquee customers like The Container Store, StitchFix, and Sony Playstation as brands are increasing their investment in post-purchase, including returns, fulfillment and data intelligence. At the same time, packaging has emerged as a major opportunity for retailers to showcase their brand, reduce waste and improve operational efficiency. Ecommerce companies spent $49 billion on packaging in 2020, and 70% of D2C expenses — fulfillment, shipping, and returns — are influenced by packaging. 

Together, Narvar and Lumi will: 

  • Create a comprehensive network for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands to engage with customers in both a digital and physical world.
  • Equip brands with the actionable intelligence needed to make smarter packaging decisions to drive better business outcomes.
  • Unlock operational cost efficiencies and transparency across the supply chain.

About Narvar

Narvar pioneered how brands engage with consumers beyond the "buy" button through branded order tracking, delivery notifications, returns and exchanges. Today, Narvar's comprehensive Post-Purchase Platform empowers 1100+ of the world's most admired brands including Sephora, Patagonia, Levi's, Warby Parker, Home Depot, LVMH, and L'Oréal to deliver transparency, build trust, and grow customer lifetime value. Recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies of 2021, Narvar simplifies the everyday lives of consumers. For more information visit

About Lumi

Lumi is a digital marketplace for packaging that gives manufacturers the ability to make their capabilities available online, directly to customers, with a streamlined interface and messaging capabilities that revolutionize procurement. Lumi makes tools that simplify the complex workflows, data, and language of packaging, so that brands and manufacturers can work better together. For more information visit

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