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Driving Innovation in Post-Purchase Logistics

The 2021 holiday season is going to be like no other. UPS is forecasting delivery demand to exceed capacity by a whopping 5 million packages per day. The question on every retailer and consumer's mind is the same: Will I get my orders delivered on time? 

For customers, their order delivery experience has become the ultimate litmus test for repeat purchases. In fact, 35% of consumers say that not knowing when an item will arrive would prevent them from making a purchase. This is not a trend, it’s a seismic shift that can impact the core of your ecommerce operations. 

Introducing: Narvar Monitor

With the goal of unifying logistics, ecommerce, and customer care teams to proactively manage growing consumer expectations, the product team at Narvar has been building an upgraded Monitor, a new logistics analytics solution that allows retailers to detect order fulfillment issues and resolve them proactively, turning a pain point into a valuable customer touch point.

More and more, fulfillment is taking the top spot as the new differentiator swaying consumers in favor of brands that deliver. For retailers, gaining end-to-end visibility into an order’s journey from cart to door, in a timely fashion, allows them to identify and act on the greatest areas of payback in their delivery operations.

Real-time visibility

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With Narvar Monitor, brands will gain real-time visibility into shipment statuses and carrier network performance—a single source of truth for cross-functional teams. Today’s retailers need access to both micro and macro trends in their data in order to ensure operations run smoothly. 

Monitor users can expand on any component to get drilled-down diagnostics at the individual shipment level. For example, where a delivery is flagged delayed due an item getting damaged, the retailer can take proactive steps by sending a fresh shipment to the customer and communicate the status of their new order, preventing a poor shopping experience with the brand. 

It’s also important to look at broader trends in your data to identify any areas ripe for optimization. When it comes to carrier performance, for example, Monitor enables retailers to evaluate historical data and improve SLAs with distribution partners. The analysis can help leverage a carrier of choice by product type.

Predictive delay intelligence

When I talk to retailers, one thing is clear: delivery disruptions put long term customer relationships at risk. Not only is it important to have automated customer communications in place to update the consumer on their package status, but it’s also mission critical to start understanding where slowdowns are occurring and potentially revert inventory to other warehouses or delivery through other carriers to prevent bottlenecks, package delays, and, ultimately, disappointed customers and lost lifetime revenue. 

With Monitor’s built-in actionable intelligence, logistics teams will get predictive delay insights to uncover early signals of delivery disruptions, in some cases even before their carrier updates the EDD. An early heads-up means that retailers can solve problematic exceptions quickly and improve agility in delivery operations over time. 

Personalization capabilities

With Monitor, retailers will have a unique combination of full control and automation through custom dashboards, visualizations for reporting and email alerts cadenced to deliver personalized insights ensuring that every business has their priorities met. 

Performance benchmarks

Narvar prides itself in serving a wide range of major retailers in every key industry. To help our customers make more informed decisions about carrier relationships, delivery times, and more, we’ve decided to leverage our roster of 1100+ global brands and 7 billion annual transactions to create benchmarks against which to compare individual delivery and fulfillment performance. Equipped with this insight, ecommerce retailers can optimize every mile and minute in their post-purchase logistics to save time and costs. 

By helping lift the veil into what’s working--and not working--for similar retailers, sellers can feel confident and informed in their decision making. 

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Narvar pioneered the post-purchase movement and is empowering frictionless consumer experiences for global brands such as Sephora, Patagonia, Levi’s, Sonos, Warby Parker, Home Depot, LVMH, and L’Oréal to name a few. Billions of consumer interactions form the backbone of our technology. This data powers our machine learning and allows us to help customers determine exactly when and how to engage with customers during the delivery journey. 

Delivering orders is more than a process, it’s a strategy. Approaching fulfillment as an opportunity to improve operational performance distinguishes your brand from the pack. 

We at Narvar are excited that Monitor launches just in time for the holiday peak in November 2021. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to the Narvar team today. 

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