What Does a Great Order Tracking Email Look Like in Healthcare?

When it comes to engaging with patients via email, nothing trumps an order tracking email in healthcare—open rates for these messages are regularly over 70%. 

More than anything else, a well-executed order tracking email makes life easy for patients. It not only lets them know where their package is and when it will arrive, but it simplifies the process of engaging with your support channels. All of this leads to higher patient satisfaction which drives revenue back to your brand, strengthening your bottom line. 

In this article, you’ll learn how you can make the most of this critical communication channel so you can take your order tracking emails from “good” to “great” with speed and efficiency. 

Start with a strong subject line

Even the best email will go unread if it isn’t accentuated with a strong subject line. Therefore, before you worry about the contents of your package tracking emails, make sure they have a great subject line. 

One of the easiest (yet often overlooked) ways to elevate the efficacy of your subject lines is through personalization. Users of Narvar’s end-to-end post-purchase platform see an average +8% boost in open rates for order tracking email when personalization is incorporated in the subject line. 

Consider adding details such as…

  • Delivery destinations
  • Purchase dates
  • Product names

…to the subject line to improve an email’s ability to stand out in a cluttered inbox.

Alternatively, consider using the subject line as a way to share your brand’s personality and inject some life into messaging that’s often to cut-and-dry:

  • Instead of “Your package will arrive tomorrow” try…
  • “Great news! Your [PRODUCT NAME] will be at your front door tomorrow!”
  • Instead of “Your order is delayed” try…
  • “Sorry! We’re a little behind—your order will now arrive on [DATE]
  • Instead of “Your package has been delivered” try…
  • “Thanks for your patience, your package has arrived!”

Put the most important delivery information at the top

The majority (almost 80%) of order tracking happens via mobile. Therefore, save your patient’s time and sanity by putting the most relevant information at the top of the email. From order details to shipping status; special notes about split shipments and links to access an official tracking page; it’s critical to give your patients the details that matter most up front. Best of all, if you make relevant, helpful information very easy to find, you reduce the likelihood of patients contacting your support team, which drives down contact volume and improves ROI. 

Here’s a great example from Peninsula Health putting critical details such as remaining time to delivery, estimated arrival date, and UPS tracking number at the very top of the email. 

Create a bold call-to-action to “track my order”

Top-performing healthcare providers not only get as many patients as possible to open their email, but they also get them to click through from the email to the more robust, detailed order tracking page. It is on these engaging order tracking pages where patients can interact with marketing content, view more delivery details, sign up for SMS communication, and more.

To facilitate that higher level of engagement, draw as much attention as possible to the CTA button within your order tracking emails. Typically labeled with a simple phrase such as “track my order” or “track my package”, these CTAs are critical to compelling patients to take the next step and move from email to order tracking page. 

Highlight support channels in package tracking emails

No matter how straightforward your products may seem, patients will always have questions. Rather than have them search for a phone number to call and wait on hold, use your package tracking emails as a way to improve the patient experience—include a call-to-action that makes it easy for patients to get the support they need. Whether it’s a link to a live chat, a helpful how-to guide, or product-related tutorial video, this is a great opportunity for the patient to engage with the product and your brand in a positive, low-cost format. 

As an example, look at how effectively Better Way Health invites patients to “ask questions” and engage with their support channels.

Strengthen patient loyalty by adding marketing assets 

High open rates make your transactional emails a great way to shine a light on complementary products, updates to your brand, or other news. Whether it be to increase your sales or power engagement with your editorial content, order tracking emails are an easy way to bring patients back to your website with regularity. This engagement ultimately deepens loyalty to your brand which should increase overall patient lifetime value. 

An effortless email editor tool (such as the one offered by Narvar) makes it easy to add marketing assets, product recommendations, and even GIFs as an engaging way to drive traffic to your brand. Take it a step further by updating the content in these emails frequently to align your promotional, seasonal, and overall brand content strategies. 

In closing…

Remember that order tracking emails are a critical part of the post-purchase experience. Since your patients are already clicking on (and engaging with) these emails, you might as well let these emails drive incremental revenue and higher lifetime value. 

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