Better Way Health Scales with Narvar


decrease in fulfillment-related support tickets


engagement rate with product recommendations

With the present-day COVID-19 pandemic on the rise, Better Way Health's team has quickly adapted to a huge spike in demand for their immune system products. 

“We're definitely seeing a lot more interest in Beta Glucan 500 and Beta Glucan 100 Plus during this time with everything going on,” says Steven Sellers, Ecommerce Manager at Better Way Health. “That also demands that we make the best use of our time. The more we can do to passively educate and persuade consumers, the less our customer service reps need to do over the phone.”

Better Way Health Curcumin Extra Strength

Better Way Health had been using AfterShip as its shipment tracking platform, but was unsatisfied with the experience. “There were a lot of limitations and very bad customer service on their end,” notes Steven. “It was like it took moving mountains to get them to get on a call or answer a question. It didn't take long for us to find the big holes in their system.”

Following their experience with AfterShip, Better Way Health turned to Narvar to improve the post-purchase experience they offer customers. 

“Being in ecommerce, we always pay attention to the places that we love and that we shop with, and we survey what those retailers are using. Narvar is always used by higher-end companies.”

A healthier tracking experience for customers

Steven explains that the choice to move forward with Narvar came down to three factors: fit, reputation, and service quality. Since implementing the Narvar Track for Shopify product, Better Way Health has already seen an improvement in their ability to handle “Where is my order?” (WISMO) inquiries.

“The time sensitivity of our products combined with this year's COVID-19 shipping delays demanded a softer, more catered landing space for our customers to interact with. Narvar’s inclusion of the estimated delivery date on the Tracking Page helps to pacify customers as they check shipping links within our transactional emails.”

Not only have changes like this one driven a 30% decrease in the number of support tickets Better Way Health receives around fulfillment, switching to Narvar has also freed up the company’s customer support team to assist with more important calls. “It was really that time between fulfillment and the first scan where we kept getting irritated calls from customers,” Steven concludes. “Narvar has helped to mitigate that, especially for our international customers.” 

Better Way Health Beta Glucan 100 and their Narvar Track page

Supercharging success through subscription conversions

Better Way Health has also integrated product recommendations into its tracking pages. To date, the company has seen a 20.3% engagement rate with these product recommendations.

“Any time you can find real estate to provide product recommendations, as well as promote new products or even new materials like an ebook or upcoming campaign, that's huge,” shares Steven.

Product recommendations promoting the company’s discounted subscription pricing have been particularly impactful in increasing customer lifetime value (LTV). “Our average order value is close to $200,” Steven says. “So if a one-time purchaser clicks on a transactional email that links to a Narvar page promoting monthly subscriptions, that’s potentially thousands of dollars in revenue.”

Narvar’s customer support team has been instrumental in Better Way Health’s ability to utilize tracking page marketing assets successfully. “The customer service has been very responsive,” Steven explains. “Any time I've had an issue--whether it's amending code in transactional emails or adding recommended products to the hub--Narvar has worked it out. They truly understand their product, which sounds like a funny thing to say, but not a lot of companies do.”

“We're very happy with the bang for the buck, out of the box. Narvar has helped fulfill our needs, and we know it will continue to grow with us.” 

Company Info

Better Way Health is an ecommerce company specializing in premium, evidence-based supplements. Founded in 1999, Better Way Health is known for its immune-boosting products, including Beta Glucan 500 and Beta Glucan 100 Plus.



decrease in fulfillment-related support tickets


engagement rate with product recommendations

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