Increasing Customer Loyalty in Post-Purchase [Infographic]

Did you know retail sales fell -1.1% from November to December 2022, despite it being peak season?

Or that pricier ad rates combined with declining ad performance are sending customer acquisition costs soaring?

These and other factors (e.g., inflation, economic insecurity, declining personal savings rates, etc.) are making today’s overall retail environment the most challenging since the Great Recession. 

When acquisition becomes inefficient and average order values start to slip, brands must maximize the loyalty of their existing customers to ensure a stable flow of cash into company coffers. 

From simple “thank you” notes, to personalized promotions, to proactive SMS notifications, there’s no shortage of ways retailers can improve the loyalty of customers. In this infographic, you’ll learn about all the ways an improved post-purchase journey can mitigate churn and reduce your reliance on customer acquisition for growth. 

Download the Full Infographic Here!

Mike Rossi

Currently the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Narvar, helping 1300+ of the world's most-admired brands—including Sephora, Levi's, and L'Oréal—take their post-purchase experiences to new heights. Born and raised in San Francisco, but I've lived all over the world. Previous residences include Seattle, Denver, Santa Monica, Kinsale (Ireland), and Wellington (New Zealand). Writer by trade, football player by passion, and tall by genetic lottery.

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