Seamlessly connect digital-to-physical commerce experiences in-store and through Narvar’s partner network.


  • Increased Conversion

  • Operational Savings

  • Improved Customer Experience

Let customers easily receive and drop off packages across 200,000 locations

Reduce Costs and Provide Convenience to Your Customers

The network of locations gives you the opportunity to drive additional conversion, using your existing ecommerce checkout flow, reduce stolen packages, and reduce logistics costs. Narvar Concierge solutions empower you to unify consumer communications, and operate at a much-needed cost advantage without investing more in your own brick-and-mortar footprint.

*Note that access to locations can depend on your choice of carrier.


In 2020, both the demand and actual use of alternative drop-off locations has nearly doubled.

State of Returns:
New Expectations 2020 Report

80% of Americans live within 10 minutes of a Walgreens

Give Your Customers More Choice & Convenience with Narvar Concierge

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“Customers are continuing to redefine value and convenience, and by making Narvar services available at Walgreens stores, it’s another way in which we can provide a differentiated  retail experience.”

Alex Gourlay, Co-COO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc and President of Walgreens

The strategic partnership and the new value Narvar Concierge will provide to consumers

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“Our properties continue to be a town square destination for the communities they serve. Offering a variety of services at our properties helps consumers consolidate errands and save time, driving incremental visitation to our properties.”

Andy Hutcherson, SVP of Innovation and Customer Experience for Simon

How It Works

Putting the Customer First

Consumers are prompted to choose delivery to a Narvar Concierge location while shopping online by selecting the order pick-up option during checkout. Consumers can also choose a Narvar Concierge location for returns by selecting the drop-off option in the Narvar return portal. This solution provides consumers with added convenience, flexibility and time savings with minimal changes to your platform.

  • 1

    Checkout and choose a Narvar Concierge location

  • 2

    Track your order as it travels to its destination

  • 3

    Pickup your package when its ready

  • 1

    Complete a return online with your brand to receive a drop-off code.

  • 2

    Pack the items you are returning.

  • 3

    Show your drop-off code to an associate at the guest services kiosk.

In The News

“As retail responded to the pandemic, we saw the increasing importance of return drop-off points. If anything, the pandemic has highlighted that consumers like having options for shopping, purchasing and returns.’’
said Brady Stewart, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Levi’s Direct-to-consumer Division
“We’re leveraging new and different platforms as well as our expansive footprint to bring more services closer to our customers while giving our partners greater reach and access in communities across the U.S.”
Alex Gourlay, Co-COO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. and president of Walgreens.
Wall Street Journal
“Brands hope adding more return and pickup locations will boost sales by offering convenience and reduce the cost of shipping. It’s allowing [customers] to return our products at points they pass everyday.’’
said Marc Rosen, Levi’s President of Direct-to-Consumer

Participating Retailers

“We’re really excited to offer this new service to our customers. In addition to our stores, the Narvar Concierge network gives our customers the flexibility to pick up their orders at safe & convenient locations across the country.”
John Devine
CIO, Urban Outfitters, Inc.