The Economic Impact of Order Visibility

Did you know that 10% of annual ecommerce orders result in a “Delivered, Not Received” classification.

Or that customer disappointment related to DNR incidents drive as much as 30% of WISMO calls and 35% of low customer feedback scores?

Of course, delivery issues are nothing new, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating for customers or agents. 

The bulk of this frustration stems from a lack of visibility. When your customers and support agents lack visibility in order tracking, operational costs go up, replacement orders increase, and your customer support team is forced to operate below optimal efficiency (which means shoppers get a sub-optimal post-purchase experience).  

Why does order visibility matter?

Obtaining greater insight and visibility into delivery issues allows you to do more than streamline agent workflows and decrease handling times—it enables you to maximize near-term profitability and customer lifetime value simultaneously. Understanding this value is why there’s been so much excitement around the rollout of the Narvar Track Connect and Care application. 

Launched in partnership with Zendesk, this application redefines what mid-market and enterprise brands can accomplish in the way of adding efficiency and efficacy to the support experience.

(For those keeping score, the scope of these improvements can be easily measured by examining CSAT and NPS scores over the first 12 months following implementation.)

Delivering great customer experiences in retail is challenging. Not only is it tough to connect the dots between online and offline experiences, but customer expectations continue to evolve at a breakneck pace.

Compounding the difficulty is the fact many retailers struggle with high support agent turnover due to the difficulty of the job. That difficulty is so immense that even when agents don’t turnover, they quickly lose their enthusiasm for the job, the consequence of which is deteriorating customer engagement. 

What makes Connect and Care so powerful?

The Connect and Care app addresses these challenges in a multitude of ways, though I won’t dive into all the nitty-gritty details here. 

From a 30,000 foot view, Zendesk and Narvar are taking order transparency to new heights. From Narvar’s track page, shoppers can start a conversation with a Zendesk bot or agent to address any number of order-related questions (e.g. “Where is my order?”) or requests (e.g. “Update my delivery address”). There’s no need to visit a brand’s website or separate customer support portal—the entirety of the engagement can occur within the track page.

For brands, Connect and Care does more than keep customers happy, it keeps support agents happy too. By simplifying the order-support journey, agents encounter customers who’re less frustrated by the support experience. That means customers are easier to converse with (i.e. less hostile) and problem solve for, increasing job satisfaction, reducing ticket support times, and reducing agent burnout. 

The Zendesk-Narvar partnership also makes life easier for agents by providing them with all relevant information (order number, SKUs, shipping address, etc.) automatically when a ticket is created, eliminating the need to search for key order data across systems. This goes beyond order-specific information to include contextual information such as the conversation between the customer and an answer bot. 

Furthermore, the low total cost of ownership when it comes to implementing the Connect and Care app guarantees that brands enjoy an incredible return on their investment. (Powering high ROI is immensely valuable right now considering brands are struggling to balance the need for bandwidth-creating efficiencies without spiking their costs.) 

Final thought...

In sum, disjointed customer service systems lead to high resolution times and other inefficiencies that damage the customer experience and harm revenue retention.

When your agents need to use multiple systems to verify order status (or other order information) related to a customer inquiry, it increases your cost of doing business. The deployment of Connect and Care solves these problems, enhancing your customer experience and your bottom line at the same time. 

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