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10 Post-Purchase “Must-Reads” Before 2023

How Orvis Retained $185,000 in Revenue by Improving Their Returns Process 

To increase efficiency and boost revenue, Orvis added a free-shipping promotion to their return confirmation emails, making the online returns experience far more convenient for customers. Thanks to this thoughtful change, Orvis saw a 124% lift in post-return orders, 42% fewer “Where is my refund?” inquiries, and nearly $200,000 in recaptured revenue in just a few months. 

The State of Returns 2022 (Gated)

Consumers will return almost $1 trillion dollars worth of merchandise next year—an utterly insane amount of goods. Get yourself as prepared as possible by reading Narvar’s 6th annual State of Returns report. Learn how you can maximize revenue retention and improve the customer experience by making smart changes to your return process. 

What Is Wardrobing?

Retail fraud—it costs a lot. According to the National Retail Federation, those costs add up to a little under $13 billion. One of the biggest sources of fraud in retail is, of course, wardrobing—the act of buying an item and wearing it, only to return it later. About four out of every ten shoppers admit to wardrobing on some scale, especially when it comes to shopping online. In this blog, learn how you can mitigate wardrobing in your business.

The Returns Academy

Ever wonder how you can tap your own customers to handle inventory shortages? Or how you can increase exchange rates and decrease refund requests? Do you want to know what you can do to reduce carrying costs, shorten time to resale, and make it easier to recognize revenue? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place—welcome to Narvar’s Returns Academy, an on-demand educational experience that will make you an expert in all-things returns. 

How Paper Mart Generated Thousands in Extra Revenue With Narvar

“Narvar is actually driving sales. People will hang on to their tracking emails and, when they’re ready to buy again, they’re clicking through to place their next order.” Learn how Narvar’s tracking emails and landing pages push people to make secondary and tertiary purchases, contributing thousands and thousands of dollars to Paper Mart’s revenue stream. 

How Sonos Used Narvar to Improve Customer Retention

Can something as simple as a better order tracking page help major brands increase their conversion rates?—YES. Learn how Sonos, the luxury wireless speaker maker, used Narvar to better engage customers with valuable educational content…content that allowed them to improve loyalty and win more engagement. “We found that users who touched Narvar in their post-purchase experience journey were more likely to repurchase than a typical user.”

The Best Return Policy Practices in the United States (gated)

In 2022, 33% of return windows extended beyond six weeks—an increase from 28% in 2021. How much longer will return windows get in 2023? Explore Narvar’s Return Policy Benchmark Report to find out. Narvar analyzed the published return policies of 200 retailers in August 2022 to create a baseline against which other retailers and online merchants could compare and benchmark their own return policies.

3 Ways Shopify Merchants Can Increase ROI Using Returns

Many Shopify merchants struggle to maximize their revenue each year. In this article, learn three easy ways Shopify merchants can extract more value from their customers by making intelligent tweaks to the returns experience. 

5 Features You Need in Your Ecommerce Returns Software

Every mid-market and enterprise retailer knows they should use returns software, but that doesn’t mean they know which software provider they should partner with. Yes, every returns software will come with some combination of basic features (RMA number generation, return reason documentation, etc.), but those basic functions might not be enough for your business. Use these five tips to make the right choice for your company. 

9 Questions to Ask About Your Returns Policy

How you process returns is important, especially at a time when more people are shopping online than ever before. Unfortunately, many retailers are still providing their customers with an antiquated and underwhelming returns experience. That’s a big problem considering a growing number of shoppers will evaluate a retailer’s return policy in detail before they ever click “buy.” In this article, learn about the 9 critical questions you should ask to evaluate your return experience and start making improvements ASAP.

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