Klaviyo and Narvar partnership is two puzzle pieces fitting together

Narvar + Klaviyo—An Expanded Partnership to Drive Increased LTV

A great experience can be the difference between a one-and-done shopper or a lifelong customer, and in a world where consumers are switching brands and trying new products like never before, the stakes are higher than ever. Therefore, offering a seamless customer experience is critical to the health and longevity today’s brands. 

At the heart of every exceptional customer experience is a combination of transparency and communication. This reality is what makes Narvar’s expanded partnership with Klayvio so exciting—as an Elite Tech Partner, Narvar enables retailers like you to control customer expectations with real-time communication throughout their entire journey. 

More Relevant Communication

Having a seamless journey throughout your customer experience is critical. Now you can leverage the power of Klaviyo to find and target segments, and utilize post-purchase data from Narvar to create a fully connected experience. 

This means you can…

  • Save time and costs with less “Where is My Order?” or “Where is My Return?” calls. 
  • Offer relevant cross-sell or upsell opportunities based on interest, products-purchased, and more.
  • Ultimately increase customer satisfaction

With this expanded partnership, your customer experience teams can build connected journeys in Klaviyo, and power this connected experience with data from Narvar.

Deflect Up To 60% of Returns into Exchanges

Not every purchase will result in a happy customer, and when it doesn’t work out the experience should still be seamless. Because when it is, those individuals will come-back and shop again.

With Narvar and Klaviyo retailers can easily initiate a return or exchange through our online portal, and then get consistent email or SMS communication throughout the process. For exchanges, consumers can select another size or another item that may be a better fit.

Increase LTV from moments that matter

According to PWC, one in three consumers will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. Every supply chain hiccup or backend inefficiency doesn’t just leave employees scrambling—customers are impacted, too. 

When the inevitable happens, it’s paramount for retailers to eliminate as much friction as possible. Doing so creates a positive experience for customers and increases their willingness to purchase again down the road (leading to higher lifetime value).

Curious to learn more?

Talk to us! We’d love to share additional details about this budding partnership.

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