Shopping with your favorite brands just got even easier

Customize the way you stay updated

Details how and when you want them

From Order Shipped, Package Delivered, and Return Initiated—get text messages you want, how you want them, and when you want them—across all of your favorite brands.

Send it back in a snap

More convenient returns with saved favorites

Have a preferred return drop-off location near your office? Have you sworn off those pesky printers and need a QR code to return your items? With Narvar, your favorite return methods are saved and highlighted so you can initiate returns quicker.

Narvar has you covered

Take control of your shopping experience

Coming soon! Enter your delivery instructions once and we’ll automatically apply them across our growing network of carriers.

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Your preferences, your privacy

Your personal data belongs to you and is only used for preferences that you alone manage. Plus, you can change or delete your preferences at any time—YOU are in control.

How Narvar Works...

Narvar brings personalization and convenience to your online shopping experience by storing your notification, delivery, and return preferences in a single location. Your privacy is of utmost importance and your personal information is not used for marketing purposes.
Opt in while shopping; tracking orders or initiating returns
Save your preferences for deliveries, returns, and tracking notifications
Start shopping at your favorite retailers (more added every day)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Narvar?


Online shopping is super convenient…until it isn’t. Within the world of ecommerce, few things are as annoying as having to re-enter your delivery information, hunt for your favorite return drop-off location, or not get the right frequency of delivery updates. Narvar eliminates the hassles by saving your preferred delivery, return preferences in a single location. When you shop at any one of Narvar’s partner retailers, your preferences are ready and waiting for you, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

What kind of retailers and brands work with Narvar?


We work with thousands of brands, from new hot startups to large billion dollar companies. We are constantly partnering with new retailers.

How much does it cost for shoppers to use Narvar?


Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Narvar is free for shoppers.

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