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How Brands Can Optimize for Longer Lead Times

Global retailers are sitting in the middle of a perfect supply chain storm. Labor, transportation, and logistics costs are up and consumer demand remains strong. It’s forcing brands to deal with longer lead times and delays in order processing. Consequently, consumers are suffering from missed expectations, limited engagement, and an overall decline in customer satisfaction.

Set clear pre-purchase expectations

Be clear and precise with consumers prior to purchase—let them know exactly when they can expect their package to arrive. 

Use Narvar Ship to communicate the EDD of specific items directly on your PDP or at checkout, taking advantage of its customizable and configurable rules based on your own fulfillment schedule. 

As lead times lengthen or contract, easily update directly in HUB, our self-service portal.

Use fulfillment or carrier-processing delay emails

Fulfillment for brands can be sporadic in terms of timing. Some days your warehouse teams might be fully staffed with plenty of in stock items—only to be plagued by carriers delayed in picking up ready-to-ship palettes. 

Other days you may be under-staffed and experiencing limited stock, yet carriers are on time in picking up your shipments. 

No matter the scenario, the longer the time between an order being confirmed and an order being shipped (the “blackout period”) the more anxious your consumer becomes. Call center activity surges and support channel contact increases, increasing your costs and eroding consumer trust all at the same time. 

Protect yourself from these scenarios by sending fulfillment or carrier pickup delay emails. These notifications keep customers “in the know” and loyal to your brand. 

(Narvar sent more than 13,000,000 fulfillment delays or carrier pick-up delay notifications to consumers in 2021.)

Set your pre-ship status

Consumers crave knowledge about their orders, checking their order status at least four times per purchase. When fulfillment times lengthen or delays occur, this number can increase by 50%, decreasing customer satisfaction and increasing calls to your call center. 

Narvar attacks this pain point by extending retailer’s status updates prior to shipment. This new feature provides your consumers with insight into an order as it’s being picked, packed, and prepped for shipping.

Have additional questions about how to best navigate longer lead times? Reach out to us!

Claire Johnson

Claire is a Product Marketing Manager at Narvar, originally starting with us in Customer Success. She enjoys sharing her knowledge from working directly with our brands coupled with the ever-changing ecommerce landscape.

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