Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Narvar?


Online shopping is super convenient…until it isn’t. Within the world of ecommerce, few things are as annoying as having to re-enter your delivery information, hunt for your favorite return drop-off location, or not get the right frequency of delivery updates. Narvar eliminates the hassles by saving your preferred delivery, return preferences in a single location. When you shop at any one of Narvar’s partner retailers, your preferences are ready and waiting for you, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

What kind of retailers and brands work with Narvar?


We work with thousands of brands, from new hot startups to large billion dollar companies. We are constantly partnering with new retailers.

How much does it cost for shoppers to use Narvar?


Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Narvar is free for shoppers.

Who is Narvar?


Narvar is a retail technology company committed to simplifying shopper’s everyday lives. Narvar works with thousands of brands & retailers to ensure your delightful shopping experience continues after you press the buy button. When you shop at a Narvar partner retailer site, you’re experiencing Narvar’s expertise in managing delivery expectations and updates, shipment preferences, and facilitated return processes.

What do I need to do to use Narvar?


Click here. Manage your settings. Save your preferences. Then start shopping at your favorite Narvar partner retailers. It really is that easy.

What personal information can I manage in Narvar?


You are able to add and manage the following information from your Narvar Preferences:

Contact information
You can add and manage your mailing address(es), email address(es), and phone number(s). You can add and manage your delivery preferences, from preferred shipping methods (e.g., “two-day shipping”) to delivery instructions (e.g., “leave with doorman”).

Return preferences
You can add and manage your return preferences, from preferred return methods (e.g., “in-store”) to return pick-up instructions (e.g., “please ring doorbell”).

Notification preferences
You can define your preferences for notifications from your favorite merchants including channels (sms, email, in-app, etc.) and topics (order received, order packed, order shipped, etc.).

Coming soon: Delivery preferences

Will my personal information or my preferences be sold?


Absolutely not. We take your privacy seriously. In fact, if you want to ensure Narvar does not store any of your preferences related to delivery, returns, or notifications, please submit a “Delete My Data” request here, or email us at

Do I need to share my preferences to keep shopping with my favorite online retailers?


No, you don’t. If you decide you’re not interested in storing your delivery, return, or notification preferences, that’s not a problem—you’ll still be able to buy from all the brands we support. However, you will need to manually enter your delivery, return, and notification preferences every time you place a new order. Change your mind? No problem. You can come back here anytime to update and save your preferences.