Build the Future of Retail With Us

As an engineer at Narvar, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll have the autonomy, ownership, and agility of working at a startup, and the sizeable challenges, extensive datasets, and significant impact you’d have working at the world’s largest companies.

Open Positions

Develop data-driven solutions

We’ve assembled one of the biggest datasets in the industry. Leverage it and empower
500+ retailers to make customer-focused decisions across 36 countries and 45 languages.

Build platforms, then products

We believe in building scalable solutions right the first time.
Be fully immersed and work collaboratively so that no team or person is siloed.

Be an early adopter of new technology

Get to work with and improve the most advanced tech before anyone else.

Data is core to Narvar and we are exploring innovative ways to improve the purchasing experience of our customers.

Saurabh Shrivastava, Senior Data Engineer

I love my role as a front end engineer on Track! There are always interesting problems to solve and ample opportunity for learning and skill building. It continues to astound me that millions of people actually interact with the code that I write!

Char Kuperstein, Front-End Software Engineer

I had an incredible internship experience at Narvar. One of my projects was implementing time-to-live logic with the goal of having an automatic system of moving the appropriate data to our longer-term storage. Now, 1 billion operations pass through this logic every month!

Alan Khaykin, Software Engineer Intern