Announcing Narvar Concierge

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Announcing Narvar Concierge

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Ecommerce Customer Experience Breakfast Briefing

London | 16 October 2018

Learn How to Build Trust & Retention Beyond the Buy Button

Together with guest speakers from Trustpilot and MentionMe, we examine the extraordinary impact that post-purchase experiences are having on loyalty and lifetime customer value – and explore strategies to revolutionise customer experiences beyond the buy button.

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Featured Speakers

Anthony Gavin


Regional Director

Ash Rama


Global Head of Training & Development

Lizzie Lee

Mention Me

Global Cheerleader


8:30 Reception & Breakfast
9:15 Welcome (Narvar)

Trustpilot highlight the key issues that alternatively either delight or lead customers to despair. Using real consumer data, this session explores the relationship between shoppers and the retailers and brands they purchase from. What is the impact on Trust and Loyalty when performance after the buy button is great or poor?


Getting your brand in front of the right audience, in a cost effective manner is increasingly challenging. As consumers, we are bombarded with marketing messages with little relevance, and trust in traditional media is eroding. A solution? Harnessing the most trusted and relevant form of advertising - word of mouth - at scale.


Brands and Retailers have actively invested in building exemplary customer journeys before the buy button. But in an era when investment is rapidly shifting from pure customer acquisition, toward retention & loyalty, what are the experiences after the buy button that carry the greatest importance to fully engage, empower and delight shoppers? We show you what typical post purchase experiences look like today and compare these to market leading brands and retailers that have transformed the experiences their customers now enjoy. Spanning Delivery, Returns and Customer Care this session will help you understand why Post Purchase Customer Experience is the next big thing in ecommerce

11:00 Networking Refreshments


The Soho Hotel
4 Richmond Mews