Deliver an engaging, on-brand post-purchase experience that drives additional revenue, reduces WISMO calls, and inspires customer loyalty.


  • Extend your brand’s story

  • Draw in repeat customers

  • Keep customers up to date

  • Make insightful decisions

Extend your brand’s story beyond
the purchase and drive engagement.

Immerse customers in your brand from checkout to delivery.

Responsive and beautifully-designed tracking pages keep your customers in a completely branded experience, rather than sending them to a third-party carrier to find their shipping information.

Proactively inform and engage customers at the right moment.

Shoppers want to know when their order will arrive. So they’re eager to check. Keep customers up to date with timely notifications you can customize with engaging marketing assets.

Turn order anticipation into
future orders.

Drive additional purchases and increase
customer lifetime value with customizable
modules to embed relevant content and personalized recommendations.

MM.LaFleur Delivers Simplified Style with Narvar Track

Read the Customer Story

Customers visit Narvar Track pages an average of 3.2x per order

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Draw in repeat customers by building
trust through powerful delivery visibility
and flexibility.

Give your customer control
with flexible delivery options.

Track goes beyond the “when, what, and where,” making it easy for customers to manage their delivery with alternate pickup locations, add specific instructions, and schedule drop-off times.

Track shipments before they leave the warehouse.

Customers are more likely to feel an affinity for your brand when they’re happy with the accuracy and visibility of their order. Let them know when to expect their shipment, even before the first transit scan.

Provide data-driven accuracy.

Deliver an estimated delivery date you can rely on. Combine order data with Narvar's vast network of carriers to accurately track shipments around the world.


Narvar integrates with over 600 global carriers.

Build a strong relationship by
keeping customers up to date.

Communicate across every stage of the customer journey.

Deliver relevant order updates from the time an order is placed to the moment it arrives at the door. Customers appreciate getting the information before they have to ask.

Contact customers on
their terms.

Manage communication preferences up front, so customers can stay up to date through their favorite channels – whether that’s SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

Measure engagement of messaging channels.

Review channel engagement metrics, such as opens and clicks by message type, and see how you're performing compared with peers in your industry.


83% of shoppers say they expect regular communication about their packages.

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98% of consumers agree that even if it’s bad news, they feel better about a company if it notifies them as soon as possible.

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Make insightful decisions and resolve package incidents through a robust portal and business tools.

Optimize campaigns to deliver a cohesive experience.

Customers want a cohesive and dynamic experience with your brand. Leverage the self-service Hub to routinely schedule assets, measure performance metrics, and review customer feedback to optimize the customer experience.

Resolve in-flight delivery exceptions to improve customer experience.

Inspire brand loyalty by identifying and proactiely addressing delivery issues before customers experience them. Reach out to the customer to improve their experience with your brand, whether that's with a reorder or refund.

Provide quality customer support and quicker package resolution.

Package incidents are inevitable. Empower Support reps to care for customers effectively and resolve issues efficiently through the Track Connect & Care app for Customer Service Platforms: Salesforce Service Cloud and Zendesk.