Build confidence and drive additional revenue by setting clear delivery expectations before a purchase.


  • Eliminate shipping anxiety and earn customer trust.

  • Offer customers more choice and control for package pick-ups.

  • Leverage Data and Rules to Power Smart Delivery Dates

Eliminate shipping anxiety and convert
shoppers into valuable customers.

Set clear expectations,
expect more conversions.

Surface delivery dates on product pages and at checkout to let customers know exactly when their product will arrive for every level of service available. More transparency, more urgency to buy.


60% of shoppers are more likely to choose a retailer that can tell them the exact date a package will arrive at the time of order.

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Leverage data and configure rules to power smart delivery dates and exceed customer expectations.

Calculate smart delivery dates
with comprehensive data.

Calculate precisely how long it will take from package pick-up to your customer’s doorstep with comprehensive time-in-transit data for millions of actual deliveries.


43% of shoppers report that post-delivery customer satisfaction hinges on whether their items were delivered on time.

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Ensure accuracy with
flexible fulfillment rules.

Configure flexible rules to account for your specific business needs, ensuring the most accurate delivery estimates, even for multiple classes of service.