Drive repeat customers by building trust and rapport through proactive communications every step of the way.


  • Build a strong relationship

  • Build loyalty and engagement

Build a strong relationship by
keeping customers up to date.

Communicate across every stage of the customer journey.

Deliver relevant order updates from the time an order is placed to the moment it arrives at the door. Customers appreciate getting the information before they have to ask.

Contact customers on their terms.

Manage communication preferences up front, so customers can stay up to date through their favorite channel – whether that’s SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Don’t let a delay be a deal breaker.

Customers want to know immediately if something’s wrong with their order. Get ahead of any unnecessary frustration with timely updates.


83% of shoppers say they expect regular communication about their packages.

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98% of consumers agree that even if it’s bad news, they feel better about a company if it notifies them as soon as possible.

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Build loyalty and engagement
with immersive brand experiences.

Extend your brand
beyond a purchase.

Continue engaging customers through seamless post-purchase communications, which are easily configurable to look and feel in step with your brand.

Let them shop while they wait

Customers highly engage with transactional updates. Embed special offers, product recommendations, and other assets to create a unified brand experience that generates loyalty and drives additional sales.