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This global retailer outfits athletes of all kinds, whether they’re trekking over mountain trails, cross-training at the local gym, or powering through a 10k marathon. The brand stands out from the competition by making its active customers and their needs the company’s top priority by offering innovative, athletic footwear and other sports gear that help promote a happy, healthy lifestyle.
This activewear brand has invested in advanced technologies and developed a number of innovative products tailored to the demands of a variety of specific sporting activities. This niched approach and forward-thinking mentality has helped the company better serve and connect with its customers, a core principle for the retailer. Their director of ecommerce says, “We make a point of treating everybody well.”
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Delivery status gaps cost time, money, and customer happiness

When the director joined the team several years ago, he came armed with ideas about how to elevate the consumer experience throughout the entire buyer’s journey. His goal was to close the gap between when a customer clicked “buy” and when they could access their delivery info—the limbo period causing a lot of headaches for the company’s customer care team.

“It was the oldest problem in the ecommerce book: we would send out an order shipment confirmation email in the morning, but the tracking link was dead because FedEx wouldn’t come and do that first scan until the afternoon,” he says. “We were receiving a ton of phone calls from frustrated, eager customers asking what happened to their orders, telling us that their tracking number didn’t work.”

And the situation wasn’t much better when it came to the ease of consumer returns.

“We weren’t able to give customers a return label unless they called customer service, who would have to then email it to them,” he says. “Those calls were costing us a lot.” In addition to the high number of calls, it was also impossible to ensure customers would include the return slips with their packages disclosing why they were sending the unwanted items back in the first place.

Narvar Customer Stories - Return Management Services - Footwear

A more positive customer experience with Narvar

The company turned to Narvar to help solve its customer experience (CX) and call center challenges. “I wanted to make the most out of our customer service operations by reducing the number of calls about where packages were or to facilitate simple returns requests, and Narvar allowed us to do that,” the director says. “I had certain expectations because of what I was looking for—Narvar Track and Return do exactly what I expect and need them to do.”

Not only has incoming call volume dropped significantly since consumers now have visibility into their package status every step of the way, the company’s website traffic has also increased. The company saw an 11% CTR from the branded tracking page as consumers went back to the site to do a little more shopping after completing a purchase.

“I wanted to make the most out of our customer service operations by reducing the number of calls about where packages were or to facilitate simple returns requests, and Narvar allowed us to do that.”
Director of Ecommerce

Making more informed decisions with Narvar Return

The returns experience has improved exponentially as well, both simplifying the process for consumers, who no longer need to call a customer service rep to initiate a return, and ensuring return reasons are documented every time. “We were able to transfer everything that was on the packing slip right onto the digital label,” the director says. “Our customers can now just print the label with all the required shipping information, and because return reasons are required, the warehouse can easily identify issues with the products.”

From product research and technology to simplified returns, this retailer wants to give their customers the most rewarding shopping experience possible. Narvar helps them achieve their CX goals by make online purchase tracking and returns seamless, transparent, and incredibly easy to use. Regarding his experience working with the Narvar team, the director says, “Everything has been great, from the sales process and implementation to ongoing client service management.”

Company Info

Over the last 65+ years, this global sportswear manufacturer has grown from a home-based startup into a multinational corporation. A go-to brand for amateur athletes and Olympians alike, the company’s state-of-the-art activewear is worn by sport enthusiasts around the world.



CTR from the branded tracking page to web site

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