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Narvar News: Asia-Pacific Expansion

Narvar acquires GoPigeon

Narvar expands global market leadership by acquiring GoPigeon, an end-to-end logistics management SaaS platform based in Bengaluru, India.

This strategic acquisition will accelerate new product development and anchor Narvar’s vision to transform customer loyalty for Asia-Pacific retailers through effortless immersive post-purchase experiences.

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Our perspective.

“At Narvar, we want to simplify the lives of consumers, regardless of where they live. We are now well-positioned to scale our platform to international markets.”
Amit Sharma, Founder & CEO of Narvar

“Narvar is fundamentally changing how retailers globally manage their customer relationships after they’ve made a purchase, and increasing customer lifetime value as a result. Our aim is to make Narvar India instrumental to the success of the organization worldwide, and that starts with creating a world-class team.”
Srivatsa Narasimhan, VP India Operations

“The GoPigeon team is joining Narvar at a pivotal point in the maturation of the post-purchase category they created. Together, we will empower retailers to give consumers the experiences they crave after they click buy.”
Deovrat Singh, Co-founder & CEO of GoPigeon

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What customers are saying.

“Through the GoPigeon platform, we’ve seen first-hand the value of the post-purchase experience as a driver of customer loyalty. As GoPigeon joins Narvar, we’re eager to see the potential they unlock for enhancing customer relationships across the world.”
Kashyap Mehta, Head of Product & Strategic Initiatives

“As a marketplace, our reputation is our currency. An important part of building trust is to give confidence to both buyer and seller that their merchandise is in good hands after the purchase. We are confident that GoPigeon and Narvar together will help us give our customers peace of mind.”
Abhilash Narhari, Co-Founder and CEO

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