3 Hidden Insights — Stitch Fix IPO Filing

Hot on the news of the Stitch Fix IPO filing, here are three key insights beyond the S-1:

1) Returns are the new normal

Not only did Stitch Fix embrace ‘returns’ but they effectively accelerated the move to have shoppers make their bedrooms the new fitting rooms. 40% of shoppers ‘bracket’ their purchases – this means they buy a size up or down, or a color up or down. Stitch Fix really has made returns a competitive advantage.

2) The new “new” personalization

Stitch Fix has a reputation for a robust data science team. But what sets them apart is an innovative method of combining behavioral preference data with actual survey questions/quizzes with human stylists that apply the finishing touch. This created a winning formula that ensured a more accurate styling personalization.

3) Joys of unboxing

They successfully tapped into the psychology of product discovery and unboxing but in a very physical way. By harnessing the moment of excitement and surprise, they turned what’s been a very mundane experience into a fun ritual.

What this means for retail

Brand and retailers who go the distance to really understand post-purchase consumer behavior are set up to succeed by taking advantage of the new moments of customer engagement — leading to long-term sustainable loyalty.

For more on Stitch Fix, Jason Del Rey has a great piece that provides greater context and background.

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This article was originally published on LinkedIn.