How the Narvar Experience is Driving New Consumer Behavior

A few months ago, we surveyed 1000+ online shoppers to better understand what would make online shopping more frictionless, confidence-inspiring, and would inspire them to shop again. Our findings were published in “The State of Post-Purchase Experience” report, which identified a number of surprising insights, including that many consumers simply feel under-appreciated after a purchase.

For the past 6 months, we’ve also gathered responses on the same topics from a different set of online shoppers: those who tracked a package they’d ordered from a retailer on Narvar’s platform. Overall, we found many similarities in both sets of respondents, but there are two key areas where consumers who have interacted with Narvar differ from the general online shopping population.

Narvar consumers value post-purchase content

In general, consumers who have interacted with the Narvar experience are more receptive to post-purchase content. Across the board — whether it’s content to help them get more out of their purchase, photos of how others are using the product, or even complementary product recommendations — the Narvar-touched consumers were more than twice as likely to welcome additional communication after a purchase than the general online shopper.

Consumer attitudes towards post-purchase content

Key takeaway: Consumers who interact with Narvar tracking pages see the value of post-purchase content and consider it a key driver of satisfaction.

Narvar consumers want to hear from retailers in multiple channels

Email is still the predominant method by which customers in both cohorts want to hear from retailers. But consumers who interacted with Narvar expressed more interest in new and emerging channels–by a wide margin. Narvar consumers preferred to be contacted via SMS more than twice as much as the general online shopper and via a retailer’s mobile app 7 times more. Most striking is that those who’ve used Narvar are 8 times more interested in hearing from a retailer via Facebook Messenger.

Consumer preferences for retailer communication channels

Key takeaway: Consumers who interact with the Narvar tracking experience are more open to developing a relationship with a retailer via multi-channel communications.

So, what does this all mean? When consumers get a great end-to-end experience from a retailer via the Narvar platform, they appreciate the value of additional communication even after the sale, and become more receptive to continuing the conversation and building a long-term relationship. As retailers improve the post-purchase experience, providing transparency and brand immersion well after the conversion, the bar is rising. We expect to see general consumer behavior moving in the direction Narvar customers are already exhibiting. Customers expect personalized, prompt delivery and proactive communications – before, during and after the purchase. And when they get it, they want more.

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