What’s In Store: Retailer Horoscopes for 2018

It’s the beginning of a brand new year, and there’s plenty to get excited about in 2018. After last year’s slew of store closures and Amazon acquisitions, we’re all looking for reasons to be optimistic. Luckily, this year looks poised to bring good news to the retailers that embrace the changing industry landscape and shift the focus towards building one-of-a-kind customer experiences. ‘Business as usual’ is no longer part of the retail lexicon—now is the time to rethink how to approach big challenges and get creative with out-of-the-box strategies.

Below, we dig a little bit deeper into what 2018 has in store for every astrological sign:


Aries, this is your year to pair up with a colleague or partner to make some magic happen on the business front. Your hard work will definitely pay off if you set clear goals for yourself, so be sure to put some thought into what specifically you hope to accomplish this year. Whether it’s improving your customer’s experience with your brand across the board or making sure the next Holiday rush runs smoother than ever, you can tackle whatever you put your mind to as long as you keep your eye on the prize.


You might just see yourself stepping into the role of industry influencer this year, Taurus. Maybe you’ll lead the pack in adopting the hottest new tech tools or shake up the status quo with an innovative new brand experience that earns the loyalty of even the most fickle consumers. Whatever it is, your creative juices will definitely be flowing and could inspire a truly industry-shaking professional project.


Hold onto your sense of determination, Gemini—this year is all about refining your work processes and getting sh*% done. Plenty of exciting opportunities await if you know how to spot them, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground. One thing for you to keep in mind, however: 2018 is all about recognizing when to handle things on your own, and when to ask for help. From planning new marketing initiatives to executing on your customer care strategies, be sure you have all your bases covered and all the right hands on deck.


2018 is your time to shine, Cancer. Technology will play a big role in your career trajectory this year—and get ready, because your career is about to kick into hyper-drive. From adopting emerging social media and communication channels to implementing VR in your shopping experiences, you’ll pick up on things quickly and execute your inspired, innovative initiatives without a hitch.


Whether you’re looking to make a big career change, learn a few new marketable skills, or move up in your current role, 2018 is the year for thinking through and working towards your biggest professional goals. But that doesn’t mean this is a year to be overconfident in your abilities—while you don’t need to sweat the small stuff, be careful to pay attention to the details as you go to ensure no glaring errors get in the way of your success.


This is the year to build up your business’ brand and gain a loyal following, Virgo. Find and hone your voice, perhaps through a creative new Instagram account or unique email campaign. However you decide to get up on your soapbox, you can bet people will stop and listen to whatever you have to say. Make the most of it by taking the time to develop clear, on-brand messaging and build a communication strategy that hits every touchpoint in your customer’s journey.


Fortunately for you, Libra, your ambitions are sky high this year. As a result, you’ll gain even more respect from both colleagues and customers, opening doors for you to perhaps take on a mentorship role or spearhead a successful customer appreciation initiative. Your well-balanced nature will have others looking to you in these uncertain times, and your confidence and motivation to succeed will make you an excellent role model in 2018.


Don’t pigeonhole yourself, Scorpio—2018 is a year to keep your options open, take advantage of unexpected opportunities, and explore new possibilities. This is the time to take swift action, even if you aren’t totally sure of what the end results might be, and continuously test and learn from your efforts. You’re poised to set big things in motion this year, so dream big and don’t let a fear of the unknown hold you back.


The promise of things to come is all well and good, but this year, you’ll find yourself seeking more immediate and tangible results from your work life, Sag. You’ll be the one tracking metrics on the daily to see how your initiatives are performing, gathering feedback from customers to make sure your brand’s on the right track, and brainstorming alongside your creative team to decide which imaginative campaigns to launch (and measure) next. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a big promotion by the end of the year as a result of your laser-focused drive.


Do your due diligence before tackling any big challenges and you’re sure to see success at work this year, Capricorn. While you may have to stumble over a few hurdles, don’t get discouraged by slowdowns or dead ends. Keep your eye on the target—launching a new customer retention strategy, for instance, or getting a head start on this year’s Holiday campaign—and don’t let yourself get derailed by the minutiae that pops up along the way.


You’re set to become a trailblazer at work this year, Aquarius. You’ve got your finger on the pulse when it comes to innovative new technologies and will stay ahead of all the hottest industry trends. Luck is on your side in 2018, so you should feel more comfortable taking some more calculated risks in your career and sharing your two cents about everything from customer loyalty programs to voice-activated shopping with the rest of the world.


After a challenging couple of years, 2018 brings a much-needed breath of fresh air, Pisces. Your optimism knows no bounds, which makes this a great time to step outside your comfort zone and explore new possibilities. From time and expectation management to strategy ideation and execution, you should find that solutions come easily when you face challenges at work. Take advantage of this period of smooth sailing by lending a helping hand to coworkers in need, and maybe learning a few cross-functional skills in the process.

Here’s to an exciting and successful 2018!