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Experience is at the heart of everything GS Love does as one of the fastest-growing brands in fashion. Not only do the fashion experts at GS Love bring more than 30 years of industry knowledge, but the company is committed to providing a seamless, unbeatable experience for its customers. Since its launch in 2013, the Los Angeles-based company has been a one-stop shop for women all shapes, sizes and ages to find affordable, on-trend clothing.
Customer loyalty has been an integral part of GS Love’s formula for success — 75 percent of buyers are repeat customers. “What keeps our customers coming back is a combination of the quality of our products and our streamlined operations,” says Edwin Kim, E-Commerce Manager. “We ship to our consumers pretty quickly. We don’t really try to sell a lifestyle to our customers, but rather simply provide them with unparalleled value in our variety and assortment of clothing that we carry on a day-to-day basis.”
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Trying on a solution to reduce order-related calls

Given their sales volume and focus on hiccup-free operations, GS Love sought a way to up-level their already well-regarded customer experience. Plus, they wanted to address the high number of “Where is My Order” (WISMO) calls coming in to customer support. The company turned to Narvar and its product tracking solution.

“When I first heard about Narvar through one of the bigger fashion retailers, I thought we could definitely integrate it with our business here, considering we receive a lot of WISMO calls,” says Kim.

By providing accurate, transparent delivery details and order info, Narvar enables companies to provide better customer experiences during the post-purchase stage. During its evaluation period, GS Love considered other solutions, but Narvar’s unique value helped it rise to the top.

“Narvar is spearheading the industry in terms of the solutions they provide,” explains Kim. “So while we did consider everybody else, we felt like we should join the best companies and implement Narvar.”

Narvar Customer Stories - Delivery Notifications - GS Love

Proving value during peak season

GS Love first implemented Narvar during peak holiday season and the results were immediate. Narvar was able to minimize a lot of the customer service burden on GS Love.

Narvar includes important delivery and order status details in a single view for the customer, all while immersed in GS Love’s branding on the tracking page. The result is that GS Love customers are staying in their experience throughout the post-purchase journey rather than bouncing over to a carrier website.

“Once operations and sales are up to par, the post-purchase experience that drives your repeat business must be streamlined,” says Kim. “As simple as Narvar’s platform is to use, it’s definitely crucial to any type of e-commerce business. We’re incredibly grateful to have partnered with Narvar. ”

Company Info

Based in Los Angeles, California, GS Love is a one-stop shop for on-trend, affordable clothing. One of fashion’s fastest-growing brands, GS Love has provided women of all shapes, sizes and ages with the most of-the-moment fashion since 2013.



CTR to marketing assets


Avg number of tracking page visits/order

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